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In-situ gebildete Arzneiform zur Abgabe von Enzymen an Wunden In-situ formed dosage form for the delivery of enzymes to wounds. In der Wundbehandlung werden ua empfindliche Substanzen z. In the treatment of wounds such. Here a complete application of the respective dosage form to the usually very uneven surfaces of wounds is Chymotrypsin Wunden, which is typically accomplished by the use of solutions, powders, powders, sprays, ointments, gels or creams.

One of the main disadvantages of the above dosage forms is that usually an exact dosage of the active compounds over the entire application surface can not be ensured. Furthermore, the introduction of solutions in heavily exuding wounds in conjunction Chymotrypsin Wunden the necessary for the healing process linger of the drug is Chymotrypsin Wunden approved in the wounds, as the active ingredient-containing solution is immediately rinsed with Wundflussigkeit from the wound in the surrounding federation and thus no Chymotrypsin Wunden Available.

Similar phenomena are observed in powders, powders and sprays. Pure hydrophobic formulations offer before although some protection, but they are due to their specific properties, as described above, not contact and therefore painless Chymotrypsin Wunden the surface topography of the wound.

The application form solution Chymotrypsin Wunden not for the reasons mentioned above on the dry Chymotrypsin Wunden but is added by the Association as in the case of moist wound. Another disadvantage of some viscous systems ointment, cream and hydro gel is also often lack long-term stability of wound cleansing enzymes in aqueous systems. In the context of medical care, however, a hydro gel, which remains fixed in the wound and well and painlessly, ie applied without mechanical influence could, can provide the best conditions for optimal wound management.

Europe,page 46 et seq, or also US Pat. If you try to supply enzymes in the described therein preparations Wundreini- especially collagenase resolve, so Chymotrypsin Wunden process takes due to the specific properties of collagenase several hours and is therefore not acceptable. Das System fuhrt weiterhin zu einer Desaktivierung von Kollagenase.

The system leads continue to deactivation of collagenase. Ferner erwies sich insbesondere das im US-Patent Nr. Furthermore proved particularly described in US Pat. Through the use Chymotrypsin Wunden the liquid contained in chamber 2 on the one hand, let the problem Chymotrypsin Wunden short-term incorporation of Chymotrypsin Wunden active ingredient, and secondly its stabilization Chymotrypsin Wunden several hours solved elegantly.

These two ingredients conditions until immediately prior to use with the respective user at the agent matched storage Chymotrypsin Wunden below room temperature.

Immediately before applying the liquid Chymotrypsin Wunden chamber 2 is added via a cannula to the drug in chamber 1, or pressed in the case of dual-chamber syringe in chamber 1, wherein the active ingredient dissolves immediately. Der sich im Vial 1 oder der Check this out kammerspritze nunmehr in Chymotrypsin Wunden befindliche Wirkstoff wird in Kammer 3, in der sich die flussige Hydrogelzubereitung befindet, gebracht und durch einfaches Schuttein innerhalb weniger Sekunden darin homogen verteilt.

The active substance itself chamber syringe is now present in solution in the vial 1 or Double Chymotrypsin Wunden in chamber 3, in which the LIQUID Hydrogelzubereitung is brought and spread by simply shaking for a few seconds it homogeneous. After a few more seconds to solidify the Chymotrypsin Wunden and simultaneously closes the wound. A washout of the drug by any existing wound fluid is prevented. Als weitere Hilfsstoffe kann die Hydrogelkomponente folgende Substanzarten Chymotrypsin Wunden Other auxiliaries which Hydrogelkomponente can have the following types of substances: Humectants, such as polyethylene glycols, propylene glycols or Poly sugar alcohols.

As nonionic emulsifiers, amphoteric emulsifiers, cationic emulsifiers and anion- active emulsifiers. Chamber 1 may, in addition to the active substance, also contain adjuvants for lyophilization, such as mannitol, glucose, amino acid, fructose, sucrose, cyclodextrins, dextrans, poly vinyl alcohols, polyvinyl pyrrolidones, starch derivatives or other metal salts.

The new application system makes it possible to bring active ingredients which can be due to their instability in aqueous solution externally only difficult to apply in a fairly stable form that can be applied easily and quickly. Another advantage of the medication of the invention is that of her Chymotrypsin Wunden cleaning enzyme Chymotrypsin Wunden be released in a controlled, within certain limits.

As this is merely borrowed at the contact surface with the wound happens act located in the greater distance from the wound surface layers of gel as a reservoir for the source. Ein Wegwaschen des Enzymes, wie es beispielsweise bei der Darreichungsform Losung, Pulver oder Puder vorkommt, wird damit verhindert. A washing away the enzyme, as happens for example in the form of administration solution, powder or powder is prevented.

Beispiel 1 example 1. In a click here steel mixing learn more here, 76 g of water Chymotrypsin Wunden introduced.

The mixture is sterile filtered through a Teflon filter and transferred to a Liquidaabfullanlage portions in plastic containers with attached Chymotrypsin Wunden. In a second mixing vessel, 98 g of water are introduced and in 2 g of a 2: The Chymotrypsin Wunden is sterifiltriert Chymotrypsin Wunden bottled at a bottling plant in 1 ml portions into chamber 2 of the double-chamber syringes.

In the remaining chambers 1 each 20 units of collagenase are filled in solid form. Beispiel 2 example 2. In a second mixing vessel, Man lost in stirring units collagenase together with 5 g of Chymotrypsin Wunden and filled with water to a final volume of ml.

The solution is read more and 1 ml filled in preparing lyophilizates philisationsvials chamber 1.

Danach wird nach einem Standardprogramm lyophilisiert. After that is lyophilized according to a standard program. Beispiel 3 example 3. In Chymotrypsin Wunden third approach, vessel 85 ml of water are introduced. Wasser auf ein Endvolumen von ml Chymotrypsin Wunden. Water to a final volume of ml.

A system is disclosed for externally applicable active substances which are water-sensitive and poorly absorbed by gelling agents. The system is characterised in that it comprises 1 a chamber for the active substance, 2 a chamber for a solvent in which the active substance is soluble, and 3 a chamber Medicament forms constituted in situ for releasing enzymes into wounds WO A1.

The system is characterised in that it comprises 1 a chamber for the active substance, 2 a Chymotrypsin Wunden for a solvent in which the active substance is soluble, and 3 a chamber Chymotrypsin Wunden a gelatinizing agent. The chambers are so shaped as to ensure that their respective contents mix rapidly with one another. System according to claim 1, characterized in that it contains as active substance collagenase.

In-situ gebildete Arzneiform zur Abgabe von Enzymen an Wunden In-situ formed dosage form for the delivery of enzymes to wounds Chymotrypsin Wunden description In der Wundbehandlung werden ua empfindliche Substanzen z. Kind code of ref document: Country of ref document: Patent Citations 2Classifications 10Legal Events Chymotrypsin Wunden Formulation Chymotrypsin Wunden a reconstituted protein, and method and kit for the production thereof.

A1 Designated state s: Request for preliminary examination filed prior to expiration of 19th month from priority date pct application filed before CA Ref document number: F Ref document number: PV Country of ref document: Chymotrypsin Wunden Ref document number: JP Ref document number:

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