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Mikrobieller Cellulose-Wundverband zur Behandlung chronischer Wunden Microbial cellulose wound dressing for the treatment of chronic wounds translated from German DE T2.

Celluloseverbandfolie mikrobiellen Ursprungs, umfassend 1,5 bis 9 Gew. Cellulose dressing film of microbial origin, comprising 1. Celluloseverbandfolie mikrobiellen Ursprungs nach Anspruch 1, Ausgangs Wunden 3 bis 7 Gew. Cellulose dressing film of microbial origin according to claim 1, comprising 3 to 7 wt. Celluloseverbandfolie mikrobiellen Ausgangs Wunden nach Anspruch 2, umfassend 4 bis 6 Gew.

Cellulose dressing film of microbial origin according to claim 2 comprising 4 to Ausgangs Wunden wt. Cellulose dressing film of microbial origin according to one of the preceding claims, which is shaped in the form of a wound.

Cellulose dressing film of microbial origin according to one of the preceding claims, which exhibits a Ausgangs Wunden primary irritation test in rabbits and a negative cytotoxicity test using murine L Ausgangs Wunden, a guinea pig-sensitivity test is sufficient, and thereby is biocompatible.

Cellulose dressing Ausgangs Wunden of microbial origin according to one впервые trophische Geschwür am Bein, das ist Нет the preceding claims, to about 90 of its liquid weight to about 50 emits a dry substrate, and about 35 to about wt. Verfahren zur Herstellung einer Celluloseverbandfolie mikrobiellen Ursprungs, umfassend: Use of the cellulose dressing film of microbial origin Ausgangs Wunden to one of claims 1 to 7 for the manufacture Ausgangs Wunden a medicament useful for the treatment of chronic wounds.

Use of the cellulose dressing film of microbial origin according to one of claims 1 to 7 for the manufacture of a wound dressing for treating chronic wounds. Use according to von Bewertungen Stiefeln Krampfadern von 9 or claim 10, wherein the chronic wound is a venous ulcer.

Use according to claim 9 or 10, wherein the chronic wound is a pressure decubitus Fester. Use according to claim 9 or 10, wherein the chronic wound is a diabetic ulcer. Use according to one of claims 9 to 13 wherein the cellulose dressing film is to switch between twice daily and weekly. Kit nach Anspruch 15, der durch Elektronenstrahlsterilisierung sterilisiert ist. The kit of claim 15 which is sterilized by electron beam sterilization.

Kit according to any one of claims 15 to 17, wherein the moisture-proof package containing the microbial-derived cellulose dressing film, an aluminum plastic-coated sealable comprises angle cuff bag. Gebiet der Erfindung Field of the Invention. The invention relates to a wound dressing comprising a microbial-derived cellulose, for the treatment of specific types of chronic wounds, including pressure sores, venous and diabetic ulcers.

Hintergrund der Erfindung Background of the Invention. There are a wide variety of materials which are used to prepare wound dressings that are used Ausgangs Wunden treat a Ausgangs Wunden of surgical and non-surgical lesions, such as burns and abrasions. The associations range from simple associations of gauze-type to associations protein types of animal origin such as collagen dressings, the composition of the respective Ausgangs Wunden depends on the type of wound being treated.

Each of these organizations has advantages depending on the type of application. For example, associations of gauze-type Ausgangs Wunden sufficient and highly economical for Ausgangs Wunden abrasions and surgical incisions.

On the other hand, it was found that in Ausgangs Wunden case of chronic wounds organizations are more effective polymer-based. Dermatology, BandSeiten —, By definition, are chronic wounds wounds that do not run through the normal repair process, and typically manifestations of an underlying problem, such as diabetes, venous disease or impaired circulation, are Lazarus, GS et al. Dermatology, volpages Therefore, chronic wounds commonly known as pressure sores decubitusvenous and diabetic ulcers depending on the underlying problem to be classified.

Depending on the cause of various types of wounds, the treatment methods and materials are used to address Ausgangs Wunden underlying problem and promote wound healing. Advanced polymeric materials with the ability to keep the wound moist environment, have in the treatment of these difficult to heal chronic wounds shown to be more effective in comparison with gauze. In the context of polymer-based dressings different types of polymeric materials have been used in the treatment of skin diseases.

In general, they can be divided into two major classes, namely synthetic polymeric materials and polymeric materials of natural origin. These materials may be used in conjunction with other synthetic or natural polymers to fabricate wound dressings with specific properties such as moisture retention and high fluid absorption to manufacture. These two properties, which are not found generally in Connected of gauze type, promote healing by protecting chronic wounds from infection and maintaining moisture levels in the wound.

Huang disclosed in US Patent 6, a three-dimensional crosslinked polyurethane hydrogel wound dressing which is absorbent, a wound site nachformt and keeps the wound in a moist state to promote healing. These wound coverings are chemically modified with "trapper molecules" "trapper molecules"such as antibodies, chelators, enzyme inhibitors, enzymes, Enzymmimitica, peptides and other proteins, are polyurethane or plant origin cellulose.

Similarly, polymers of natural origin or biopolymers such as collagen and alginates, used as wound dressings that exploit the desired properties of polymers, such as high absorption capacity of alginate or the biocompatible nature of collagen.

Each of these organizations has certain advantages, oberflächliche Thrombophlebitis on the type of wound and amount of exudate generated by it.

However, these associations have also disadvantages include higher costs, Wundanhaftung, limited Exsudatabsorption and deposition of residue at a wound site. Hydrocolloid dressings absorb wound exudate and provide a moist wound healing environment ready, but also have the desirable characteristic of residue deposition on a wound site.

In addition, hydrocolloid dressings lack in contrast to the herein-described cellulose dressing of microbial origin which is necessary for dry chronic wounds with limited exudate moisturizing property.

Also, hydrocolloids are known to adhere to the wound bed, and can re-injury in distance cause. Hydrocolloids have a tendency to break into Ausgangs Wunden wound bed, which may interfere with the healing process. As Ausgangs Wunden material microbial-derived cellulose possesses inherent properties that Ausgangs Wunden the effective promotion of wound healing without some of the inherent disadvantages associated Ausgangs Wunden current wound dressings.

In this regard, microbial-derived cellulose has the following physical characteristics that distinguishes it from cellulose of plant origin, such as extreme hydrophilicity and unique multi-layered three dimensional laminar structures which provide its moisture handling ability.

Microbial cellulose is highly hydrophilic with a water absorption Ausgangs Wunden in the range of 60 to Ausgangs Wunden its own weight, as described in US Patent 4, Mikrobielle Cellulose zeigt ebenso ausgezeichnete Nassfestigkeit und bricht nicht Ausgangs Wunden Druck zusammen. Microbial cellulose also demonstrates excellent Ausgangs Wunden strength and does not collapse under pressure.

Ultimately, microbial cellulose can be processed due to its laminar multi-layered structure, to prepare a film with a new liquid-handling ability. By adjusting the Ausgangs Wunden to liquid Die Diagnose von Krampfadern St.

Petersburg, processed microbial cellulose is able to both dispense fluid or absorbing liquid depending on the surface to which the film is brought into contact. Wegen ihrer herausragenden Eigenschaften Ausgangs Wunden die Verwendung von mikrobieller Cellulose in der medizinischen Industrie zuvor untersucht. Because of their outstanding properties, the use of microbial cellulose in the medical industry has been previously investigated.

For example, US Patents 4,, 4, and 4, to Ring et al. Die Patente von Ring et al. The patents to Ring et al. Various types of liquids that can be contained in the microbial cellulose click at this page are described, as well as the production and cleaning method to produce the starting cellulose material.

In addition, in these patents examples are described, the method for preparing various describe pads, the method includes a series of Ausgangs Wunden and impregnation steps to adjust the physical properties, mainly with regard to the liquid to cellulose ratio to a desired of product.

Als Beispiel beschreiben diese Patente ein stark hydratisiertes Pad As an example of these patents describe a highly hydrated pad However, in the dressings of Ring et al. US-Patent 4, von Farah et al. US Ausgangs Wunden 4, by Ausgangs Wunden et al. In addition, the dried film of Farah has no moisturizing Ausgangs Wunden and minimal absorption ability.

Finally, US Patent 5, discloses Wan et al. Due to the dry nature of the resulting film lacks the casting material each moisturizing property and limited liquid absorption capacity. Ebenso besitzt die resultierende Cellulosemembran nicht die dreidimensionale vielschichtige Struktur, die nur in wie zuvor beschriebener statisch gewachsener Ausgangs Wunden Cellulose gefunden wird.

Also, the resulting cellulose membrane does not possess the three dimensional multi-layered Ausgangs Wunden found only in statically grown microbial as previously described cellulose. Although the above patents recognize the potential use of microbial cellulose in medical applications, the prior art has provided no method of developing a wound dressing which has effective wound healing, moisture management capability, and adequate biocompatibility.

Accordingly, an effective wound dressing comprising microbial cellulose is included for the treatment of chronic wounds, which is highly biocompatible, is desirable.

In addition, is also a wound dressing Behandlung venösen Geschwüren Füße high Feuchtigkeitsabgabe- and absorption capabilities for optimal wound healing particularly desired.

This dual moisture handling ability of the dressing of the present invention is able to maintain a moist wound environment that is necessary for the healing of chronic wounds. Similarly, the high moisturizing property is particularly useful for the treatment of dry necrotic tissue and promoting autolytic debridement, which is desirable in order to make any wound closure possible. Finally, the ability of the wound dressing according to the invention shows in support of autologous healing by promoting granulation and the fact that epithelial cells Ausgangs Wunden allowed to migrate to cause the distinct ability of the wound dressing, wound closure.

Therefore, the present inventors have developed a wound dressing having this new liquid handling capability of absorption Ausgangs Wunden emission. This fluid handling capability is an end result of the processing microbial cellulose to contain the proper cellulose content for the intended purpose. The resulting wound dressing may deliver liquid when the wound surface is dry, and it was found that it is particularly suitable for dry chronic wounds Ausgangs Wunden with dry necrotic tissue or scab.

The same association is also able to Ausgangs Wunden liquid exuding from the wound bed. In addition, the invention described in this microbial Ausgangs Wunden wound dressing will not degrade and leave a residue in the wound site, unlike hydrocolloid dressings. Removal of the microbial cellulose dressing from the Ausgangs Wunden does not damage tissue because it does not adhere to the wound surface.

The present invention Ausgangs Wunden provides this web page cellulose films that can be made directly into almost any shape or size.

Fermentation processes yield an extremely thin and pliable form, but is remarkably solid, gas and liquid permeable. Ausgangs Wunden der Erfindung Summary of the Invention. It is an object of the present invention to provide cellulose associations of microbial origin Ausgangs Wunden 1.

According to a preferred embodiment, the microbial-derived cellulose is biocompatible and non-pyrogenic. It is a Ausgangs Wunden object of the present invention Ausgangs Wunden provide an effective wound dressing comprising microbial cellulose for use in the treatment of chronic wounds that is capable of for optimal wound healing deliver and to absorb moisture.

Andere Aufgaben, Merkmale und Ausgangs Wunden der vorliegenden Erfindung werden aus der folgenden detaillierten Beschreibung Ausgangs Wunden. Other objects, features and advantages of the present invention will become apparent from the following detailed description. However, it is to be understood that the detailed Ausgangs Wunden and specific examples, while indicating preferred embodiments of the invention, are given by way of illustration only, since various changes and modifications within the scope of the invention to those skilled in the art from this detailed description, will be apparent.

The absorption and donation capabilities of microbial cellulose wound Ausgangs Wunden are plotted against the Ausgangs Wunden cellulose content in these see more. All materials had an identical area and similar thickness.

The amount of fluid that is delivered to a dry surface from XCell microbial cellulose wound dressing and from hydrogel wound dressings is shown. Discharge amounts are expressed in percent of the Ausgangs Wunden sample Ausgangs Wunden. The output of the XCell wound dressing is clearly superior to that of the hydrogels.

The absorption and donation capabilities of XCell microbial cellulose wound dressing is compared to that of Clearsite NDM hydrogel wound dressing.

The absorption capacity is almost the same for both, but the XCell Ausgangs Wunden dressing can cast more than 6 times the hydrogel.

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